With the ticker tape swept from the convention floors and Clint Eastwood safely back in California ranting at inanimate objects, the countdown is officially on to Election Day 2012.


On the topic of inanimate objects, although Election Day isn’t exactly a typical “decorating holiday” a la Halloween and Easter, it’s safe to say that some folks may be looking to express their political leanings through home décor. Or maybe they just want to prompt a political debate amongst dinner guests through butter dishes and salt and pepper shakers.


Moving away from items like chintzy, made-in-China throwaway itemspolitical bobbleheads, and Mitt Romney toilet paper, below you’ll find a few election-related goods for the home with an eye toward the vintage and the handmade. Obviously, a majority of these items rely on donkey and elephant motifs — I wonder how sales over at the Mule Store are at around this time of year — so for those of you fired-up voters who would rather gussy up your abode in a more subtle manner with partisan paraphernalia like pachyderm-stamped pillowcases, look no further.


I also recommend taking a quick browse around eBay for other assorted treasures like fighting magnet toys, hand puppet patterns, and decanters.


Vintage Marquee "VOTE" Sign @ AuroraMills' Etsy shop ($30)











Barack Obama/Mitt Romney Ceramic Party Cups @ Littlechairprinting's Etsy Shop ($20 - sold separately)









Capitol Butter Dish by ODLCO @ ODLCO ($50)















Election Year 3D Puzzle @ UncommonGoods ($22/set)















Obama Mug Gift Box @ Fishs Eddy ($21.90)















Donkey Left Sham and Elephant Right Sham @ CB2 ($19.95















Jonathan Adler Donkey Bank @ Jonathan Adler ($88 - Elephant bank also available)














Mini Elephant Cushion by Ross Menuez @ Areaware ($40)















Pewter Democrat and Republican S+P Shakers @ Modern Artisans ($56.99)















Obama Birth Certificate Tray @ Fishs Eddy ($19.95)















Compact Official Ballot Wall Art @ UncommonGoods ($100)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Donkey vs. elephant: Partisan home decor
This election season, exercise your right to vote ... and to decorate your home with donkeys, elephants and other forms of partisan paraphernalia. Here are some