I’m pretty much head over heels with “Reversed Volumes,” Austrian designer Mischer’Traxler’s series of stunning ceramic bowls cast from actual fruits and veggies. What I’m not head over heels with? The thought of trying to clean one of ‘em after enjoying a bowl of Frosted Flakes (particularly Mr. Cauliflower).
Here’s what the designers say about “Reversed Volumes,” which debuted at the special Milan Design Fair 2010 event, Foodmarketo:
The space between a vessel and a fruit/vegetable is filled with ceramics. After the original organic material is taken away, the bowl preserved the actual imprint. The use of ceramic powder, which becomes really hard without being fired, gives the possibility that each bowl is as unique as the actual used fruit /vegetable. Therefore each cast bowl is a unique piece. The surface of each fruit/vegetable is detailed represented and let’s the user see it from a different view.
Nifty. A hypothetical: Would you stock your cabinets with bowls baring the imprints of actual fruits and veggies if ceramic dishware like “Reversed Volumes” was mass produced and made available at a, let’s say, Crate & Barrel near you? Or would you rather keep your organic-shaped dishware and your organic-certified edibles separate? One thing is for sure: these fabulous, fruity bowls would excellently complement a breakfast that also includes Toast It cork coasters.    
Via [Dezeen] via [Dornob]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Don't forget to eat out of your vegetables
Your mother's nagging nutritional advice takes on a whole new dimension with Mischer'Traxler's 'Reversed Volumes' ceramic fruit and veggie bowls.