As the Great Recession took hold of the nation, consumers and business owners scrambled to find ways to save money. One of the money-saving trends that emerged was in the energy-efficiency arena. Although it's hard to find a bright side to the biggest recession that this generation has seen, a survey from the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions was able to find an interesting benefit — a continued focus on energy efficiency.


The economy is now slowly rebounding, but despite an improved economy, consumers and business owners are planning to keep their money-saving, energy-efficient ways. Greg Aliff, vice chairman of the energy and resources sector at Deloitte LLP, commented on the survey results.


"The recession is profoundly changing energy habits for both businesses and consumers. Using less may be the new normal, from boardroom tables to the kitchen tables." Source: Deloitte LLP


Results from the annual survey, reSources 2012, include:


  • 83 percent of consumers took steps to reduce their energy consumption over the past year
  • 93 percent of consumers will use the same amount of energy, or less, in the future
  • 85 percent of business owners consider reducing electricity costs an essential part of staying financially competitive
  • 81 percent of business owners consider reducing energy use as an essential part of the company’s corporate image

One of the most interesting results of the survey was that 61 percent of consumers considered the recession to be a good thing because it forced them to focus on energy efficiency. This is a big jump from last year when only 49 percent of consumers agreed with this statement.


So how are consumers reducing their energy use? More than half of survey respondents are turning off lights (56 percent) while others are turning off electronics when not in use or changing the thermostat by a few degrees. All easy ways to reduce your energy use and ultimately reduce your power bill.


Did you take steps during the recession to reduce your energy use?

Energy efficiency: One benefit of the recession
A Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions survey shows that Americans will continue to focus on energy efficiency.