Back in June (it seems like a million years ago, I know), I featured the Woolly Patch from the Woolly Pocket Garden Company in a Father’s Day gift roundup. I’m quite smitten with the company’s breathable, modular planters made from recycled plastic bottles since they’re ideal for indoor use. The Woolly Patch is one of the company’s fabulous, horizontal gardening products but it’s also worth mentioning that W.P.G.C. offers solutions for living walls as well like Wally One, a hanging "nest" that can easily be installed on indoor or outdoor walls, fences, and the like. It features built-in moisture protection so that you don’t have a drippy, green mess on your hands.


With the holidays around the corner, a Wally One (or Wally Three or Wally Five) is a solid, reasonably priced, made-in-the-U.S.A. gift idea for someone with dedicated greenthumbs but who is reluctant to try give vertical gardening a go. Added bonus: the attractive, au naturel models showing off strategically placed Woolly Pockets in the gallery section of the W.P.G.C. website give an already easy-on-the-eyes product a boost of eco sex-appeal. 


Thanks to TreeHugger for pointing me in the direction of this video interview from LXTV with Woolly Pocket Garden Company co-owner/founder/inventor Miguel Nelson. Check it out and then head on over to the company’s Pockets 101 pages for more detailed info. Be sure to also take a look at the W.P.G.C. blog. Really cool stuff.


 Via [TreeHugger]

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Fabulous hanging 'Pocket' gardens
Weary of starting an indoor vertical garden this winter? The Woolly Pocket Garden Company makes it easy with breathable, hanging 'nests.'