Pinterest is a constant source of ideas, including ideas on how to clean things around the house more naturally. Some of the ideas work. Some of them don’t. I tried one of the ideas I saw on Pinterest in my bathroom yesterday. The idea is to rub a lemon on kitchen and bathroom fixtures that have hard water stains. The lemon removes the stains and makes the fixtures shiny.

Did it work? Take a look at the photo below.

It’s true that the lemon did very easily remove the hard water stains from the shower fixture. The left half that had the lemon rubbed on it is shiny. The side that wasn’t rubbed with lemon still has the hard water stains on it.

The shower smells nice and lemony fresh now, too.

This method worked for me, and I encourage you to give it a try. I can’t promise it will work for everyone since I only experimented in the specific conditions of my home. But it’s certainly worth trying because it’s inexpensive and natural. If it doesn’t work, you’ve only lost one lemon. If it does work, you’ll be able to ditch any chemical cleaners you’ve been using to remove hard water.

Have you used lemons to remove hard water stains? Did it work for you?

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