It’s the middle of April and you know what that means? No, I’m not talking about unpredictable weather, tax-induced nervous meltdowns, and kosher confections (well hello, Joyva chocolate-covered marshmallow twists). I’m referring to the springtime explosion of CUTE BABY ANIMALS.


Honestly, from puppies to pygmy goats to penguins to the true mascots of this season, dainty bunnies, chicks, and lambs, there’s no avoiding the springtime deluge of cute baby animal-ness. It’s enough to make even the crankiest, most allergy-afflicted folks crack a smile and take a spin on Cute Roulette


So where all these cute baby animals running amok supposed to live? Dwell recently spotlighted a cute animal (and not necessarily of the baby variety) housing solution in the form of Design Objects for Pets from Pousse Créative.


Based in Lille, France, Pousse Créative’s delightful, eco-modern animal shelters — henhouses, rabbit hutches, bird boxes, and indoor kennels for cats and small dogs— are meant to “enhance the links between 'Man–Nature.'" Or, in other words (and as evidenced in the above photo), they’re meant to make your home look extra hip while making the critters that live in and around it look extra cute.


Each dwelling is made from weather-resistant sustainable wood or recycled/recyclable plastic depending on which model you choose. And then there's a most unique "decorative feature" incorporated into the design: most of the shelters are topped with integrated planters that allow users to "cultivate plants and flowers which will become a natural, original and trendy decoration." I think the container garden/animal shelter concept works particularly well with Zozio Gardener, the birdhouse.
And if you don’t know what to grow atop your design-forward animal abode, Pousse Créative’s Sebastian Haquet and Thomas Lanthie offer advice on growing aromatic herbs (and on keeping backyard bunnies and chickens). The egg-loving duo also offer landscape design services and share a few of their favorite recipes. Love it.
The full range of Pousse Créative Design Objects for Pets are available for purchase through the firm’s online boutique. However, given that they're designed and made in France with utmost attention to “quality and eco-conception,” the prices — ranging from around $120 for the birdhouse planter and $850 for the green-roofed henhouse/rabbit hutch — aren’t what you’d find at your local mom and pop pet supply store. 

Still, even if you're not on the market for a modern, made-in-France herb garden/litter box/shelter for your beloved Pekingese, Persian, or pet bunny, it's still worth heading over to Pousse Créative homepage to read more about this fun, eco-minded venture and, of course, get your cute baby animal fix.  

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Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Fashionable pet pied-à-terres from France
Just in time for the high season of cute baby animals, France's Pousse Créative unleashes 'Design Objects for Pets,' a line of stylish, green-roofed abodes for