Chunky, fruit-scented markers?


DVDs that emit a distinctive pizza odor?

Tempting, but we’ll pass.

Political flyers that reek like garbage?


Mint-scented jeans?

Sure, why not.

Duct tape that smells like a cupcake?


Of all possible things, duct tape (aka one of mankind's best inventions) is way, way down on the list of items we’d expect to be “mixed with a whiff of fluffy pink frosting.” After all, the versatile household staple that’s beloved by resourceful DIYers, home improvement hackers, and incredibly cheap people everywhere is so quintessentially utilitarian, unfussy, no-frills. It gets the job done.

Yet here we are.

Venerable Duck Tape brand duct tape apparently makes (h/t to Gizmodo) fuchsia-colored rolls of durable adhesive cloth tape that smell like cupcakes. Also: Bubblegum-scented pastel pink duct tape, grape-scented purple duct tape, minty green duct tape, Orange Cream duct tape, and yellow-colored duct tape that mimics “the refreshing smell of fresh-cut sugared lemons.”

While traditionally silvery gray in color (powdered aluminum mixed into the low-density polyethylene backing gives the NASA-approved tape its signature color), duct tape gussied-up in festive hues, whimsical patterns, and corporate logos has also been around for a while now.

Leopard print duct tape or duct tape clad with the “swoon-worthy” mugs of the One Direction boys may not sit well with duct tape purists for obvious reasons. But for craft projects, color coding, pranks, and gag-gifting this dressed-up duct tape can do quite nicely. And even though these flamboyant variations might be colored electric blue or sport illustrations of bacon or butterflies or SpongeBob, it still performs like the iconic, industrial-looking variety found in tool boxes, garden sheds, basement workrooms, glove compartments, and kitchen junk drawers everywhere. Decorative/novelty duct tape isn’t for everyone but it is fun and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

Mixing fragrance into the equation, however, takes things to a whole new and completely confounding level.


Why would you want to perform a quick home, garden (patch up those leaky garden hoses, folks!), or automotive fix — or remove a wart — with a super-sticky adhesive product that’s “bursting with the sweet pop of bubble gum?”

Does a smart n’ tough product that promotes mending/repairing over tossing/rebuying need to take on a grape-y odor?

Why isn't there a signature "duck" scent?

Is nothing sacred?

All good questions.

I, for one, can’t quite wrap my head around this one. Scented duct tape just doesn't compute. Would you, duct tape-loving reader, buy ($6.49 for an 8-yard roll!) scented duct tape?

Via [Gizmodo]

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