With backyard camping, grilling, boozing, and badminton annihilation all having been previously covered, here's a look at a few compulsory items in which to help you properly partake in one of the most cherished of all at-home outdoor activities: the summertime picnic (or whatever you call the act of inviting folks over to sit around a long rectangular table covered with a red gingham table cloth — gabbing about the neighbors, tossing around a Frisbee, eating potato salad, day drinking, and swatting away swarming ants are all usually part of the ritual). 

Ranging from serveware to utensils to vessels for ice and a few six-packs, most of the below picnic paraphernalia boasts green credentials in some way or another —biodegradable, BPA-free, handmade, made from recycled materials, etc. All make for unique additions to the picnic tablescape whether to keep or as host/hostess gifts. What are some of your tried and true backyard picnic must-haves? 

Picnic Setting Paper Placemats @ Hester & Cook ($29)

Picnic Cloth/Table Cloth With Ants by CherryBombBerlin @Etsy ($61.38)

Garden Party Straws @ Terrain ($6)

Eco Collection Cups @ MoMa Store ($16.95/set of 4)

Enamelware Serving Bowl @ West Elm Market ($19)

Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker @ Terrain ($48)

Seletti Birch Wood Cutlery Set @ Izola ($9.99)

Retro Condiment Bottle Set @ King Arthur Flour ($2.99)

Roll-It-Up Games @ UncommonGoods ($24)

Eva Solo Table Grill @ A+R Store ($295)

Polka Dot Wooden Party Utensils @ Poketo ($14)

Recycled Rubber Trugs @ Farmer D Organics ($10.95 - $13.95)

Large Classic Bamboo Tray in Banana @ Core Bamboo ($60)

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Forget about the basket: 13 backyard picnic must-haves
There's never been a better time to gather up a few friends and head out back for an old-fashioned picnic. Here's a few goodies to get you started ...