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As stated in the 11-part Repair Manifesto issued by Amsterdam-based design group Platform 21, "repairing is the new recycling." This franken fix-ated, anti-throwaway concept is at the core of a Platform 21-sponsored contest, "The Most Remarkable Repair," that's received over 60 entries from all over the place but mostly from the Netherlands. The lucky winner — chosen by a hotel owner/amateur repairwoman, a magazine editor/tool tester, and an inventor — will be announced on Aug. 31.
There are plenty of daring DIY creations in the running but as Fast Company points out, it's the homegrown entries that really shine and further support the idea that Dutch design is rooted in "practical whimsy and an emphasis on the beauty of natural flaws." 
Take a gander at these standout, home-related entries from the Netherlands and see the rest (including some great clothing repairs) at the official contest homepage. And stayed tuned for my coverage next month of the Droog-conceived and curated Dutch design event, Pioneers of Change, on Governor's Island. I'm looking forward to it. 
Gerald Tros
Liaf Lijbers
Milko Beverwijk and Charley Ladee
Patricia Guarda
 Jaap van der Feer
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Photos: Platform 21

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Franken fixes go Dutch
Get a load of these distinctly Dutch entries in Platform 21's "The Most Remarkable Repair" contest.