We have seedlings! The seeds that we planted two weeks ago have begun to sprout on my windowsills. We still haven’t gotten out into the garden to plant some of the plants that can handle the cool nights like the scallions and broccoli. I hope to get out there this weekend. I’d love a whole day just to dedicate to getting the garden together, but it never seems to happen.

The bunnies have traded up for a less accessible home under our shed. I suspect that after I uncovered them last week for a peek, the mother bunny decided I was a threat to her family. I don’t have to worry about their home being where my tomatoes will be anymore.

However, my critter problems are not over. The war with the squirrels has started early this year. Remember how they were holding pow wows last week trying to figure out how to get in my new composter? They have successfully chewed through, and now they are systematically taking out various snacks like my composter is a vending machine. Can anyone explain why they pulled the flowers through the hole and left them out in front? Was it just to mock me?

If the composter keeps the squirrels away from my tomatoes this year, I suppose this isn’t such a bad thing. But considering how pernicious they were last year, I’m not counting on it. My biggest problems last year were the furry critters – squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks. I tried several methods to deter them without harming them.

By mid-summer my garden was completely enclosed in bird netting with CD’s hanging from the top netting to scare away the animals with the sun’s reflection. They still got in.

I’m looking for new ways this year to try to keep the animals out without bringing them harm.

Maybe it’s a losing battle. It’s their home out there. I’m putting food in the middle of their living room. Then I’m surprised, annoyed, and unreasonably insulted when they eat it. Still, if anyone has any successful methods of keeping the critters out of my garden without harming them while still keeping the garden organic, I’m listening. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Gardening adventures: week 3
MNN's food blogger has seedlings on her windowsill and very pernicious squirrels in her composter in this week's gardening adventures.