From the mighty spire of the Empire State Building to the lacy knickers of Victoria’s Secret, bed bug fever is sweeping across America (check out a list of the top 10 infested cities here) on a scale that hasn't been seen since before World War II and the advent of synthetic insecticides. Similar to another affliction currently griping the nation, Beiber Fever, bed bug fever is annoying, unrelenting and keeps many households up at night in the throes of panic (although Beiber Fever results in far more screams and shrieks).

MNN has kept on top of the scourge of these hard-to-kill, mattress-dwelling bloodsuckers, reporting on bed bug-related issues like how to make them go away (naturally), the cute, four-legged detectives used to sniff ‘em out, and even the government’s involvement in the situation.

And then there's one squeamish topic you probably haven't wanted to ponder: how bed bugs reproduce. Having recovered from my own phantom itching for a brief spell, I became curious about the mating habits of these little monsters. Naturally, I looked to Isabella Rossellini and Seduce Me, the follow-up to her fantastically perverse yet totally educational Green Porno video series for more information. Watch Ms. Rossellni take a "stab" at bed bug seduction rituals in the video below. Sleep tight.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Gettin' it on bed bug-style
Actress, model and animal reproduction enthusiast Isabella Rossellini gleefully enacts the violent seduction rituals of America's least favorite parasitic insec