Here’s an award-winning design concept spotted over at Yanko Design that’s probably best suited for heavily trafficked, bacteria-laden places like office buildings, hospitals, airports, sports stadiums, dorms, daycare centers, and anywhere where there’s a whole lot of loo-sharing going on. Still, the concept could also easily find a niche in a more hypochondriac household where the inhabitants are prone to constant hand sanitizing and antibacterial surface spraying (something best avoided due to the presence of the controversial chemical compound, triclosan). 

Called Door Handle with Self-Sterilization System the Choi Bomi-designed concept is pretty basic: it’s an average-looking door handle with a built-in UV lamp that continuously annihilates bacteria when not in use.

The Door Handle with Self-Sterilization System isn’t without flaws — as pointed out in the comments section over at Yanko Design — but I do like the basic concept here. If anything, it could certainly save businesses and households a decent amount of money on environmentally dubious disinfecting sprays, lotions, and potions. Plus, it doubles as a nightlight!

Take a look at the conceptual renderings below. What do you think? Science nerds: would this ever fly in the real world?  

Via [Yanko Design]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Getting a handle on household bacteria
For seriously germaphobic households, designer Choi Bomi presents the Door Handle with Self-Sterilization System, a door handle with a built-in, bacteria-killin