I’ve seen the future … and it looks rather Dyson-y.

In celebration of NYCxDesign, Gawker Media’s gadget site with an urbanist heart, Gizmodo, has transformed an old Catholic school gymnasium in downtown Manhattan into a sleek and shiny — and frequently, sustainable — temple of “design, ideas, and technology set to redefine urban dwelling.” The interactive installation, dubbed the Gizmodo Home of the Future, opened to the public this past Saturday and will run through Wed. May 21. Do stop by for a tour, a lecture or workshop, or a beer-driven (courtesy Sixpoint Brewery) co-working session. It won't cost you a cent.

On its opening night, I swung by the Gizmodo Home of the Future for a tour of the space with Gizmodo writer Leslie Horn. It was like, well, coming home.

While the “home” — divided into five distinct experience areas: Work (office), Recharge (outdoor), Eat (kitchen), Play (living room), and Sleep (bedroom) — is chock-full of fresh, eye-popping tech from more than a few familiar names (Samsung, Tivoli, Sonos, Harmon/Kardon, Xbox, Alienware, Dyson, JBL, Philips, and the list goes on) along with modernist furnishings and accessories from the likes of CB2, Herman Miller, BOWER, Artek, and others, it was what I had seen before that got me really excited. A blast from the not-so-distant past, if you will.

You see, a sizable number of the products showcased at the Gizmodo Home of the Future have been previously featured here on MNN by yours truly (and some quite recently). It was fantastic — and really quite fun — to see all of these items assembled all together in the flesh and on display in such an expertly curated fashion (the Gizmodo team really went all out). And in terms of products that I hadn't seen before stepping into the Gizmodo Home of the Future, I was mighty smitten with the Bodum Electric French Press, a heated concrete bench (!) from Galanter & Jones, and the Replenishing Tower.

It would be exhausting to list and rehash all of the goodies that I stumbled across at the Gizmodo Home of the Future, so I recommend, if you happen to be in New York or environs, swinging by the space at 268 Mulberry St. (between Prince and Houston) in SoHo. Just keep an eye out for the telepresence robot loitering outside.

The installation — I'd describe it as the Consumer Electronics Show meets the "Real World" house in the middle of a Herman Miller showroom that's haunted by the ghost of Buckminster Fuller — is open daily from 11 am till late. Hanging out, having a beer, and taking it all in is strongly encouraged — the WiFi, by the way, is free. Closing night is this Wednesday.

And I can’t stress enough that there’s truly something for everyone to gawk at and appreciate at the Gizmodo Home of the Future — cyclists, gamers, urbanists, design buffs, old-fashioned tech geeks, cooks, coffee-nistas, urban gardeners, hydroponics practitioners, beer snobs, foosball enthusiasts, and, umm, sex toy aficionados will all be delighted.

If you can’t make it in person, click here for plenty more info about the installation itself and the various products and technologies on display. Below, you’ll find a list of some of just some of the showcased items that you may have seen before here on MNN:

Belkin Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo

BioLite CampStove

Boskke Cube Planter

Dyson AMO7 Desk Fan

Joey Roth Self-Watering Planter

Loliware Edible Cups

Nest Learning Thermostat

Philips Hue LED Bulbs

Tomorrow Machine Microgreen Kits

Tomorrow Machine Self-Cleaning Tableware

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Gizmodo Home of the Future is a design-loving tech hound's fever dream
Once you've spent some time inside the terrifically tricked-out Gizmodo Home of the Future, you may not want to step back onto the street of the present.