Although the weather here in New York has been pretty darn disgusting over the last week or so, I’ve still got outdoor eating/lounging on the brain. Here’s the thing … hands down one of my favorite weekday summertime activities is to abandon post at MNN home channel blog HQ for a couple of hours and “recharge” at my local park with a nice big blanket, a book or stack of magazines, my iPod, and plenty of snacks.

When I head out the door for my chill-out sessions/mini-picnics in the park, I usually just grab a tote bag and throw all my supplies in there. But in the event that my next trip to the park requires some serious noshing, here’s an excellent new product I’m pretty smitten with: the Boxsal.

The Boxsal is a fully recyclable cardboard “picnic box” available in three amazing designs: The boombox-y Urban Picnic Box, the briefcase-y Office Escape Box, and the tres romantique, paint-by-numbers-inspired Today’s Date Box.

Each handled box comes equipped with compulsory picnic-time gear: four biodegradable trays, four large biodegradable bowls, four snack-sized biodegradable bowls, four biodegradable utensil sets, four biodegradable cold cups, eight recycled napkins, and one compostable trash bag. And each Boxsal, in addition to being entirely recyclable, is made from 40 to 60 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard and printed with eco-friendly inks.

At $35 a pop, it may seem a bit cost-prohibitive to invest in a one-time-use disposable cardboard picnic box. That’s not quite the case — as long as you don't spill boxed red wine all over it, the durable and hefty (it can hold over 20 pounds) Boxsal can be used multiple times before being recycled. And if you need more eco-friendly picnic gear you can always order more or just use the Boxsal to tote around other stuff. 

Head on over to the Boxsal store to snag your very own eco-friendly picnic box. The Boxsal blog is pretty fun, too, and filled with all sorts of picnic-centric posts and suggestions on how to pack your Boxsal (Nerf football, jar of pesto, sunscreen, beef jerky, and Soduku anyone?). 

Via [Design Milk]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Going Boxsal
Liberate yourself from the kitchen and duck outside for a bit of alfresco summertime noshing ... but don't forget your Boxsal, a recyclable 'picnic box' availa