UPDATE 4/11/09: Word on the street is that the Obamas' new dog (a Portuguese water dog, the wags tell us) is arriving this week!  I first posted about the White House dog (and how to green it) in January. Here's a quick recap:

God bless America; a country that allows a critically panned film about a pet, Marley & Me, to rule the box office for three straight weeks; a country that waits with baited breath over the Obama family’s choice of breed (Portuguese water dog or Labradoodle?) for First Pooch; a country where it's probable that the family dog can have a health insurance plan while its masters go without; a country that has obviously gone to the dogs. 

Now that we have the Presidential dog breed situation squared away, what's next? Dog bedding, naturally! Here are a few humble suggestions for the First (or any) family:  

Eco Fleece Pet Bed from Trixie + Peanut ($119 – $159)

Trixie + Peanut’s super stylin’, super-soft pet bed comes in three sizes and four different colors. The machine-washable outer slipcover and inner pillow is made from recycled post-consumer plastics; the pillow is stuffed with hypoallergenic “green fiber” filling. 


Eco Slumber Bed from West Paw Design ($78)
Bozeman Montana-based West Paw Design’s Eco Slumber Bed is made from 85 percent recycled IntelliLoft fiber (made from recycled plastic bottles) and filled with IntelliLoft fiber fill. The bed’s four-patch design will look striking in any modern home. West Paw estimates that in using IntelliLoft for its products, around 198 tons of plastic bottles have been diverted from landfills to date.

Organic Hemp Dog Beds from Doggyarchy ($125 - $225)

Vail Colorado’s Doggyarchy makes four elegant, neutral colored dog beds named after local hotspots: the Boulder Zen (pictured), the Aspen Chic, the LoDo Loft, and the Leadville Iron. The outer bed fabric is made from pesticide-free organic hemp canvas (sides and bottom) and a softer hemp/flax blend is used up top. Inside, the beds are stuffed with organic kapok. Available in four sizes. 


Organic Dog Beds from Bella Dogga ($120 - $240)

Bella Dogga’s handcrafted dog beds come in a range of striking, nature-inspired designs   -- the Alfresco, the Meadow (pictured), the Prairie, and the Garden, to name a few -- and sizes. They’re made with organic cotton fabrics and stuffed with super-soft organic kapok.


Round Toile Dog Bed from Harry Barker ($110 - $150)

This “fetching” toile print dog bed from Harry Barker (one of many designs) is available in three sizes and five different colors. The machine-washable slipcovers are 100 percent cotton and are azo-free dyed. The beds are stuffed with hypoallergenic filling made from recycled post-consumer plastics. 


Hemp Dog Beds from Earthdog ($72 - $128)

Earthdog's line of dog beds come in four whimsical designs/colors: Classic, Paw (pictured), Mystical, and Oh Head. The outer shells of each bed are hand-painted and dyed and are constructed from hemp canvas. The padding inside is recycled poly-cotton and foam diverted from landfills. Ten percent of Earthdog's profits are donated to Kody's Fund, a nonprofit group that supports spay/neuter programs. 


> Want more eco-dog info? Check out my post about a biodegradable dog house.

> My recommendation for a green dog house for the White House. Although I don't want to get into Ellen's way:

Plus, check back on my blog on Friday ... when I tell you how legendary musician Neil Young is involved with the new White House dog. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Gone to the dogs
Obama chooses Portuguese water dog for the White House. Finally. Now, let's go turn the presidential pooch green.