Here's something that you probably don't see every day: bear skin rugs sans bear — these beauties, part of a project called "Blanket Statement," are crafted from reclaimed wool blankets (the above design, however, appears to be made from a oriental rug) procured at thrift stores and cut into the iconic bear skin rug shape by French-born, Amsterdam-based designer Lise Lefebvre


Here's what Lefebvre, the brains behind CLF Lamp Sweaters, herself has to say

This is a carpet made from a recycled wool blanket. These beautiful traditional woven blankets are getting replaced by less scratchy modern comforters and end up piled in thrift stores. I wanted to use them in the form of soft contemporary rugs, while hinting at another outfashioned interior item: the classic bear skin rug. 
Inhabitat calls Lefebvre's creations "kitchy" [sic] while Dornob describes them as "funny." Me? I think they deserve a bit more respect than that. I think they're smartly designed, stunning looking, and something I wouldn't mind having in my own home even though I'm not really going for the hunting lodge decor scheme. Above all, I think the rugs' underlying message of conservation is potently ironic. Also, they'd go beautifully with a collection of needlepoint taxidermy. What do you think? 

Via [Inhabitat], [Dornob]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Gorgeous bear skin rugs ... minus the bear
Lise Lefebvre's faux bear skin rugs achieve a distinct rustic hunting cabin aesthetic without using an actual animal -- they're made from old wool blankets pluc