A couple of weeks back I blogged about compost tea, a beneficial brew that’s not for summer sippin.’ The inspiration behind posting on this “gourmet” liquid fertilizer was my location at the time: Little St. Simons Island, a stunning and secluded eco-resort/nature preserve off the coast of Georgia.

Although many of the green practices observed on Little St. Simons impressed the heck out of me, a highlight was the island’s expansive USDA certified organic garden overseen by head gardener Amy Schuster. True, the organic garden on LSSI is a bit more expansive than your average backyard plot, but many of the techniques used like vermicomposting and integrated pest management (IPM) are applicable to gardens of all sizes.

After some technical difficulties, I’ve finally got around to uploading a batch of photos that I snapped in the LSSI garden. Hope you enjoy this organic gardening eye-candy and find it inspirational. 


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