Here’s a bit of big news that appeared in my inbox the other day: One of my favorite places in NYC to picks up green cleaning products (via a nifty refill station), apartment-improvement supplies, gifts and other eco-friendly home goodies, Green Depot, is expanding its eco-empire west with the acquisition of a similarly minded, Seattle-based business, Ecohaus. Green Depot’s acquisition of the three Ecohaus locations in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco will help to “establish the first one-stop supplier for green building materials with a nationwide footprint for distribution and delivery.”


Aside from Green Depot’s fantastic webstore (I highly recommend taking a browse) and LEED-certified flagship superstore in Manhattan (check out my post from the opening party, almost two years ago today), Green Depot operates BUILD showrooms for commercial and residential builders in Brooklyn; Chicago; Boston; Philadelphia; Greenport, N.Y.; Albany, N.Y.; Manchester, N.H.; Newark, N.J.; and Newark, Del.; along with 12 warehouse distribution centers.


Although smaller in scale, Ecohaus has been around a bit longer than Green Depot (1992) and according to a press release has been “a pivotal player in the industry, introducing eco-friendly products to consumers and working with innovators in the field to bring high-quality, sustainable products to market.” In 2009, the company received a Green Globe Award from King County in Washington state for its achievement in developing a market for recycled materials.



Green Depot founder Sarah Beatty said of the merger:


Our core values and passion align completely. By joining forces with Ecohaus, Green Depot is strongly positioned for continued growth throughout America. We’re delighted to combine resources and work together to achieve our shared vision for a diverse, sophisticated Green supply chain — and a sustainably thriving America.

Again, if you’re not familiar with either company, take a leisurely gander over at the Green Depot website (and blog). Although the company started out strictly as a green building materials supplier in 2005, in 2009 — with the opening of Manhattan’s LIVE flagship store — it started to offer more consumer-oriented green home improvement products. Since February is National Care About Your Indoor Air Month, I suggest browsing Green Depot’s comprehensive selection of air quality-related merchandise.


Images via Green Depot


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Green Depot expands eco-empire
Green Depot, the New York-based green building and home improvement powerhouse, acquires Seattle-based Ecohaus and inherits three new West Coast locations in th