Feeling good and ready to partake in some old-fashioned consumerism that doesn't involve donning elbow pads and questioning your own sanity in the parking lot of a J.C. Penny at 5 am? 

You've come to the right place.

Like in years past, I've wrangled up a motley and merry assortment of 20 holiday gift ideas for the home and garden that are, for the most part, durable, handmade, domestically designed/manufactured, and/or made from recycled/recyclable/sustainable materials. All of these useful and beautiful items are priced under $200; many you may recognize from past mentions on this blog. And naturally, there's something for just about everyone on your holiday shopping list: Home improvement wizards, amateur aquaponics enthusiasts, backyard campers, dedicated composters, people who enjoy innovative water filters, et al. 

Now get to. 

Soma Water Filter @ Drink Soma ($99 - Glass carafe/1-year filter supply)

Honeycomb Hex Pattern Coasters @ Flox Home ($18)

Cork Doorstop by Daniel Michalik @ Areaware ($24)

Nest Protect Smoke + CO Alarm @ Nest ($129)

AquaFarm At Home Aquaponics Kit by Back to Roots @ Abe's Market ($59.99)

Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker Set by Teerachai Suppametheekulwat and Qualy @ A+R Store ($35)

Little Big Trivet by Alissia Melka-Teichroew @ Areaware ($20)

Pear Cutting Board @ Poketo ($125)

Medium Dipped Rope Basket @ Tanya Aguiniga Studio ($175)

Driftwood iPhone 4 Dock @ Daytrip Society ($75)

Noaway Countertop Compost Bin @ Cliff Spencer Furniture Maker ($95)

Large Zebra by Cursive @ ABC Carpet & Home ($68)

Trusco Tool Box @ CB2 ($84.95)

Bear Balsam Pillow @ Izola ($24)


"Hello Nature: How to Draw, Paint, Cook and Find Your Way" by William Wegman @ Amazon.com ($34.95)

Floyd the Lion by the Plaid Pigeon @ Fab.com ($27 - succulent not included)

Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag @ Alite Designs ($119)

Globe Terrarium Kit @ Terrain ($68 - $128)

Lightsticks by Brendam Keim @ American Design Club Shop ($120)

Yard Dice @ Terrain ($68)

Royal Blue Tugboat Cushion Cover @ Foxy & Winston ($38)

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