I blog frequently about easy-breezy eco-friendly home improvement projects that won’t break the bank, induce a migraine, or require a ton of commitment (check out my series of “Weatherize this” posts from this past winter to see what I mean). Yet I’m still constantly on the prowl for solid green home improvement advice that cuts to the chase and addresses simple but effective ways that homeowners and renters alike can make Mother Nature-approved fixes around the house.

Last week, our pals over at GOOD picked the brain of Eric Corey Freed, eco-architect and author of Green$ense for the Home, to see what made his list of “Nine Green Home Projects You Can Do Today.” As you’ll see below, Freed’s nine suggestions aren’t exactly revolutionary but, hey, reinforcement of “the basics” is always a good thing before you become fixated on the more advanced stuff. For more details on these nine simple steps, head on over to GOOD.

If this list was a 10-stepper instead of nine, what single step would you add on?

1. Change your light bulbs already!

2. Convince your toilet to use less water. 

3. Use less water in the shower.

4. Keep vampires at bay

5. Install a programmable thermostat

6. Put a coat on your hot water heater

7. Weatherize windows.

8. Install a solar powered clothes dryer: a clothesline. 

9. Compost and recycle.  

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Greening your home with no-sweat in 9 steps
Eric Corey Freed recommends nine simple ways you can effectively green your home without sacrificing a whole lot of time and money.