If you could assign a specific emotion or feeling to the most common types of screw drives — slotted, hex, Philips, et al. — what would it be? Misery? Confusion? Frustration? Irritation? Torment? Defeat? Rage? Eternal anguish?

For those who don’t exactly qualify as “handy” or normally approach toolboxes with a sense of reluctance and fear, even the simplest home improvement projects can result in giant headaches and minor injuries, Sure, there’s that sense of pride and accomplishment once you’ve put together that bookshelf or installed those blinds without any sort of huge mishap. But getting to that point isn’t always easy.
Screw :), a collaboration between Japanese firm Studio Yumakano and the Komuro Seisakusho screw factory in East Osaka, is meant to turn those home improvement-related frowns upside down. That being said, these merry emoji screws may not be all that practical (you have to use a custom smiley face screwdriver, naturally) for most grunt-inducing projects. However, the cutesy screws could come in handy for special projects in which you want the screw heads to be more visible (like a teeny key hook, as shown below).

Explains Kano:

Actually it’s never needed to change at all. Screws are used everywhere but are easily overlooked. This time, I focused on them.

Not only can it be used as a tool, but by adding the joy of discovery, the concept of the design is the enjoyment of sharing the joy of discovering small surprises with others.
Imagine the smile on the face of a person when they discover a screw, and then imagine a place where someone would use a screw.
Screw :) is an adorable/cloying idea, to be sure, but also kind of a pain as is the case with most non-standard screw heads. And although I’m not incredibly well-versed in the wonderful world of screws, I can predict one big — and obvious — issue with these little guys: what if, to truly tighten something, that beaming smile ended up sideways or upside down after you’ve screwed it in? I suppose a wonky smile is better than no smile at all ... 

smiley screw

Via [Designboom], [Colossal]

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Grinning screws bring glee to humdrum home improvement projects
These jolly, joy-inducing screws from Japan just might get you to crack a smile during your next household project.