Hip hip horray! In 2009, the Good Housekeeping Research Institute will celebrate its upcoming 100th birthday by opening its laboratory doors to visitors for behind-the-scenes tours. The GHRI -- located in Manhattan’s LEED-certified Hearst tower -- has been granting consumer products with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval (after rigorous testing and evaluation, of course) since 1900. Rosemary Ellis, Good Housekeeping’s editor-in-chief and a recent honoree at Global Green’s Sustainable Design Awards, currently oversees the institute. Tours of the GRHI labs will take place once a month throughout the year and last about an hour, so sign up post haste.

If you can’t make it to Manhattan, take a peek at a video tour of the GHRI labs. And this wouldn’t be a proper MNN post if I didn’t steer you towards eco-friendly GH seal holders. The Good Housekeeping Research Institute evaluates and approves green household products in a variety of categories including “household helpers,” home accents, gardening tools, and cleaning products. Check ‘em out and make a resolution to make them part of your household in ’09. 

Via [The New York Times]

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