A very happy Monday and welcome to part deux of "Hiber-Nation," a special series of posts featuring home accessories and other odds and ends geared to make housebound-in-the-winter life more bearable.


​Now that you've finally settled down with an oversized cuppa tea, it's time to stop twiddling those thumbs and think about a good distraction to keep you merrily occupied on days when the weather is too frightful to venture outside (but you'd rather not stay inside and do housework, iron, or pay bills). Below, you'll find 15 DIY diversions and distractions — puzzles! crafts! games! beer! — to help pass the time, whether solo or with company, on a cold winter's day. Sure, all of these items may not all be eco-friendly/handmade but are all engaging in a way that doesn't involve turning on an electronic device of some sort — tablet, smart phone, computer, TV, etc. — and staring into a screen for hours on end.


Raygun Puzzle by Emmy @ Supermarket ($160)















Town Hall Bingo @ Restoration Hardware ($64)















Crafting with Cat Hair by Kaori Tsuaya @ Amazon.com ($9.65)















Magic Garden @ Fred Flare ($10)
















Finnish Dart Set @ KIOSK ($51)
















Sugru Black and White @ Hand-Eye Suppy ($20/12 pack)















Gnome Puzzle Set by Julian Hibbard @ Cog & Pearl ($75)















Reclaimed Skateboard Top by Jason Greene @ Branch ($8)















Stuffed Log Kit @ The Curiosity Shoppe ($25)















Moss Terrarium Bottle @ UncommonGoods ($38)















Ridley's FSC Tumbling Blocks by Wild & Wolf @ Bloomsbury & Co. ($12.98)















Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit: Chestnut Brown Ale @ Brooklyn Brew Shop ($40)














Recipe Dice @ Leafcutter Designs ($16)
















and last but not least ... Golden Girls Paint by Numbers Kit @ PopParty's Etsy store ($35)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Hiber-Nation '12: Diversions
Winter shut-in life got you down? All out of back episodes of 'Downton Abbey' (or 'Melrose Place') on Netflix Watch Instant? Try hunkering down with a diversion