A very happy Monday (or not-so-happy for you New England Patriots fans and anyone else suffering today) and welcome to the latest installment of Hiber-Nation '12, a special series of posts highlighting home accessories and other odds and ends geared to make housebound-in-the-winter life a bit more bearable.

Over the past four weeks, I've recommend some crucial cabin fever-busting goodies throw blankets, games and other non-electronic diversions, and an assortment of tea paraphernalia — but today's post featuring hooded sweatshirts made from organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials is an important one as this week marks the arrival of National Sweater Day. Well, in Canada at least.

Observed on Feb. 9th and sponsored by the Canadian Arm of the World Wildlife Fund in cooperation with supermarket chain Loblaw, this granny-approved event serves as a reminder as to how cranking down your household thermostat just a notch or two and donning a sweater instead can help you save big on winter heating bills while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. According to the WWF, if every Canadian turned down their thermostat this winter and pulled on a sweater, it would be like taking 300,000 cars off the road. So whether you reside in the Great White North or not, do as the WWF says and "turn down the heat and turn up the sweater" on Feb. 9 with the assistance of these stylish and sustainable hoodies from the likes of Loomstate, Nau, Patagonia, and other eco-conscious clothiers. Mother Nature — and your granny — will be glad you did. 

St. Helens Hoodie (Women's) @ Alternative Apparel ($39.99)

Camera Unisex Zip-front Eco-Hoodie by Branch Handmade @ Supermarket ($38)

Cassette Eco-Hoodie - Unisex Cut @ Poketo ($58)

Randygoat Hoody (Mens) @ Nau ($180)

Men's Hooded  Monk Sweatshirt @ Patagonia ($79)

Dakota Jersey Hooded Sweater (Men's) @ Loomstate ($182.50)

Women's Zip Hoodie @ Playback Clothing ($55)

Cassius Hoody (Women's) @ Howies (£22.50)

Cloak Hoodie by Prairie Underground @ Juno & Jove ($216) 


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Hiber-Nation '12: Hoodies
Score brownie points with both Mother Nature and your granny by donning a stylish and sustainable hooded sweatshirt at home this week in observance of WWF Canad