A very happy Monday and welcome to week three of "Hiber-Nation," a special series of posts featuring home accessories and other odds and ends geared to make housebound-in-the-winter life a bit more bearable.


Like keeping properly hydrated and entertained, maintaining an optimum level of coziness is key to surviving enjoying extended periods of weather-related house arrest. And during particularly brutal winter days when venturing outside is simply out of the question, the unassuming — and perhaps even neglected  throw blanket that's been sitting pretty on the couch all season becomes absolutely indispensable. Think of it this way: it's when the decorative sofa-draper becomes the cold weather lifesaver. 


Below, you'll find 10 of these lifesavers to comfortably ride out the winter with whether you're curdled up in your favorite chair, splayed out (cautiously) next to the woodstove, or sharing a Fatboy with your favorite feline. All are made from recycled/reclaimed or natural materials (sorry, no synthetic fleece Snuggies here) like wool and cotton and/or are handmade. Prices range from under $50 to over $250. What type of throw blanket do you like to snuggle up with at home during the winter? Hand-me-down wool? Comfy organic cotton? A little something more luxe like alpaca?


Owl Fleece Blanket by Branch Handmade @ Supermarket ($43)


Kantha Quilted Throw @ West Elm ($99) 















Organic Cotton Fireside Throw @ Gaiam ($98)














Recycled Fringe Throw @ Bambeco ($135)















Ratzer Twist a Twill Blanket (yellow) @ Gretel ($139)















Classic Antler Blanket @ Terrain ($49.95)















Inhabit Current Bamboo Throw @ Velocity Art & Design ($180)















Tourne Wool Blanket - Dark Natural w/ Natural Stripe @ Brook Farm General Store ($245)














Sisteron Wool Throws @ ABC Home ($292)















5th Avenue Glacier Park Throw @ Pendleton Woolen Mills ($138)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Hiber-Nation '12: Throw blankets
Bad case of wintertime cabin fever have you about ready to throw in the proverbial towel? Grab the nearest throw blanket — I have a few snuggle-worthy handmad