Welcome to the seventh and final edition of "Hiber-Nation," a special series of posts featuring home accessories and other odds and ends geared to make housebound-in-the-winter life a bit more enjoyable. 

Although it's technically still winter, things in my part of the world, New York City, are starting to finally thaw out and once-weary folks — the seasonal shut-in brigade — are starting to venture outside (nevermind, it's snowing again). Sweet relief! Still, for the next month or so (winter officially ends on March 20), many of you may continue to find yourself huddled up at at home wrapped under a throw blanket next to an energy-efficient space heater with a good book and a mug filled with a piping hot adult beverage. Hey, it could be worse. That said, if you're still in housebound hibernation mode, there's nothing like a good distraction to keep you merrily occupied. Below you'll find a dozen non-electronic, mostly eco-friendly diversions — puzzles! crafts! indoor herb gardens! — to help you pass the time on a cold winter's day. 

Donkey Playing Cards @ KIOSK ($16)

Ty DIY Shower Curtain @ Grain Design ($39.50)

Broadmann Blades Ping-Pong Set @ A+R Store ($100)

Alexander Girard Memory Game @ Hand-Eye Supply ($320)

Memory Quilt Kit @ Uncommon Goods ($68)

Notebook Paper Embroidery Kit @ The Curiosity Shoppe ($20)

Cityscape Stamp Set @ Branch ($30)

DIY Bottle Lamp Kit @ Greenfeet ($39.50)

Karen Kimmel Mini Stencil Set @ A+R Store ($12.50)

33 Pieces of Cheese tasting journal @ Hand-Eye Supply ($4.50)

Pizza Puzzle @ The Conran Shop ($18)

Basil Grow Bottle @ Potting Shed Creations ($35)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Hiber-Nation: Diversions
Winter shut-in life got you down? Don't busy yourself with 'American Idol' or the latest housewives horror show. Instead, try a diversion of the old-fashioned