Tomorrow, Saturday June 26th, marks a very special eco-holiday: the National Wildlife Federation's sixth annual Great American Backyard Campout. Although the event is meant to release youngsters from the clutches of PlayStation for a little QT in the great outdoors, there's no reason adults can't observe it, too. If there weather cooperates and you actually have a backyard to camp in, why not head out back with a bottle of wine and a supply mosquito repellent to spend a romantic night under the stars? 


Personally, I'm not quite prepared to pitch a tent on the roof of my Brooklyn apartment building or get assaulted, murdered, mugged, and/or arrested in a local park (I'm also saving up all my camping mojo for the Fourth of July when I head to the wilds of Moravia, NY for three nights). However, if you plan on setting up glamp for the night in your backyard this weekend or any other weekend (it's National Camping Month, btw), here's a few Mother Nature- and Phyllis Nefler-approved necessities to consider packing before you make the long and arduous journey from your bedroom to your backyard. 

The North Face Re Meow Sleeping Bag @ The North Face ($199 - $209)















Govino Plastic Wine Glass @ The Shop at Cooper-Hewitt ($12/4)















Bobble Filtering Water Bottle @ A + R Store ($10)















The Don't Die Out There Deck @ Daytrip Society ($7)















Outdoor Organic Incense @ Grand Trunk ($15)















Jonas Damon's Wooden Torch for Areaware @ A + R Store ($48)















Smart Candles @ MoMA Store ($28)















Badger Anti-Bug Balm @ Badger Balm (1.5 oz push-up stick, 2 oz tin $10; .75 oz tin, $5.50)














Help I Have Allergies @ Help Shop ($4/8 loratine tablets) 















Single Parachute Nylon Travel Hammock @ Grand Trunk ($50)















Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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