Yesterday, I officially wrapped up “Let me entertain you” — a special weekly series dedicated to holiday entertaining accoutrement of the eco-friendlier variety — with a roundup of post-party cleaning supplies. Still, with the season’s potentially sloppiest soirée, New Year’s Eve,  just around the corner I thought I’d take a look at a nifty new waste management option for rowdy yet recycling-conscious households: Hobnob Pop-Up Party Bins.


Spotted over at Design Milk, Hobnob Pop-Up Party Bins are reusable — they fold away for easy storage — flat-pack waste receptacles hand-assembled in Northern California from 59 percent recycled content (26 percent post-consumer recycled content) corrugated cardboard. The durable indoor/outdoor bins, which are super-easy to assemble with no glue or adhesives needed, are 100 percent recyclable and, as you can see, sport eye-catching graphics that help bewildered party guests wondering where in the sam hell should I throw this empty bottle of bubbly?


Plus, as advertised by the folks over at Hobnob, the generous size (30-gallon capacity) of the bins allows hosts and hostesses to enjoy the festivities at hand without having to fuss over changing a trash can overflowing with misplaced cans of PBR and soiled cocktail napkins.


Currently, two bins are available: Emmy (recycling) and Oscar (trash or compost). They’re sold as a set along with 30-gallon trash bags directly through Hobnob for $20 (click here for a growing list of other retailers). Love the concept behind this ... I’ve been to more than a few holiday parties where the garbage/recycling bins are hidden under the sink or in another area out of guests’ sight resulting in a whole lot of cumbersome post-party cleanup and sorting the morning after. Do you have any tactics that you use to help direct party guests to the appopriate trash/recycling bins?


Via [Design Milk]

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Hobnob Party Bins: Trash cans that add a touch of class to your holiday bash
Fully recyclable and made from recycled content cardboard, Hobnob Pop-Up Party Bins help make managing waste from rowdy holiday house parties a more civilized a