Want to bring the animal farm to your backyard (minus the stink)? The New York Times beat me to the punch on this one but I’m going to go ahead and give CowPots, the brownest/greenest outdoor planting pots on the market, the press that they deserve.

CowPots — a biodegradable, soil-enriching alternative to eco-unfriendly plastic and peat planting pots — are created from authentic Connecticut composted cow manure and sell at The Liquid Fence Company for a reasonable $7.99 a dozen (3 inch) or $8.99 for a dozen 4 inchers. Aside from being great for the seedlings in your own garden, the poo-collection involved with the creation of CowPots frees up farming space that could potentially be filled with mountains of manure. When manure from large-scale livestock operations goes unchecked, water and air pollution is a viable threat. Additionally, the ingenious dairy farmers behind CowPots harness methane from the manure and turn it into green energy for use on their farm.

For those of you aren't quite ready to head outside yet to get your seed on (or handle repurposed cow feces), I recommend checking out Life + Limb, an excellent source for unique vases, planters, accessories, and indoor succulents. L&L is based in Portland, Oregon, and don’t ship actual plants (you have to stop by in person for those) but for any other design-y interior horticultural goodies, they got you covered.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Holy CowPot
A sensible manure maneuver for green gardeners, CowPots are biodegradable plantable pots made from composted cow dung.