Happy Monday and welcome to this week's installment of "Home is where the office is," a special springtime series of posts celebrating the roughly 20 million members of the American workforce who shuffle to their dens, spare bedrooms, kitchen tables, mom caves or backyard office pods at least once a week to perform what would otherwise be performed in a soulless office block miles away.

Today's post is dedicated to those of you who may revel in the numerous comforts of working from home — pets, pajamas, daytime TV, etc. — but who are also afflicted by a condition commonly found amongst commute-in-the-morning office workers: clock-watching. Given the 6 p.m. won't come any sooner whether you work remotely in your basement or in a sixth-floor cubicle, it helps to have a good clock — one that's not on your computer screen — to stare at. Below you'll find a handful of timepieces worthy of at-home clock-watching; some are made from eco-friendly materials, some use a minimal amount of energy, and all are handsome enough to serve as the object of your antsy obsession.

Kklock-01 by Singgih Kartono @ Areaware ($90)

Vers 1.5 Radio/Alarm @ Vers ($199, walnut; $219, bamboo)

45 RPM Clock @ Uncommon Goods ($30)

After Hours Clock @ CB2 ($149)

Jonas Damon Numbers Clock @ Design Public ($80)

Decoy Lab Uncomplicated Box Clock @ Supermarket ($84)

WoodStation Clock @ Pylones ($175)

Bamboo Safe Clock @ Conran Shop ($36)

Invotis Orange Paper Pulp Clock @ Conran Shop($29)

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Home is where the office is: Desk clocks
Given that rampant clock-watching can strike even in home office environments, make sure that the timepiece you're fixated on is at least good-looking and green