Happy Monday and welcome to the sixth installment of "Home is where the office is," a special springtime series of product-centric posts celebrating the roughly 20 million members of the American workforce who shuffle to their dens, spare bedrooms, kitchen tables, mom caves or backyard office pods at least once a week to perform what would otherwise be performed in a soulless office block miles away.

Now that we've tackled the basic necessities — desks, task chairs, lamps, supplies, and storage systems — needed to outfit an eco-friendly home workspace, it's time to think about those special occasions when you put on pants (!) and venture outside of the home. Whether you're biking to a local coffee shop for a change of scenery or traveling to corporate headquarters for a bimonthly meeting, you'll most likely be taking a laptop, various gadgets, chargers and other work-related items along with you. This is where an essential work-from-anywhere accessory, the laptop or messenger bag, comes in.

When deciding on a new laptop bag, there are several things that most folks consider: style, price, size, and, perhaps most importantly, the number of pockets. If you're on the hunt for a bag to haul your gear around in, also consider eco-consciousness. Below are 10 stylish, built-to-last laptop and messenger bags with various eco-attributes. You'll be surprised what kind of things — recycled leather jackets and bicycle inner tubes, just to name a couple — that they can be made from ...

Stay tuned for next week's installment of "Home is where the office is" when once again, I'll momentarily step away from home workspaces to spotlight a few hotel chains where traveling, green-minded work-from-homers will feel right at home.

Rickshaw Standard Commuter Laptop Bag by Rickshaw @ Rickshaw ($150 - shown in Tweed Early Grey)

Matt & Nat Creed Laptop Bag @ Matt & Nat ($210 - shown in black)

Nuo Eco-Friendly Laptop Messenger Bag @ Nuo ($59.99)

Balkan Tango Budapst L Bag @ Supermarket ($130 - shown in grey)

Freitag Reference Collection Hutchins Bag @ Freitag (approx $320 USD - shown in grey)

Zaum Portabile Media EPM2 Laptop Bag @ Zaum ($210 - shown in apple green/dark grey/brown felt)

Penguin & Rooster Recycled PETE Messenger Bag @ Bambeco ($39 - shown in olive)

Patagonia Half Mass Messenger Bag @ Patagonia ($99 - shown in Narwhal Grey)

Poketo Upcycled Leather Diamond Bag @ Poketo ($150 - shown in black)

Pansy Maiden Organic, Vegan Messenger Bag @ Supermarket ($150 - shown in Mandarin Orange and Butternut)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Home is where the office is: Laptop/messenger bags
Aside from not forgetting to put pants, on-the-go work-from-homeowners shouldn't leave 'headquarters' without a stylish laptop or messenger bag made from eco-f