Happy Monday and welcome to this week's installment of "Home is where the office is," a special springtime series of posts celebrating the roughly 20 million members of the American workforce who shuffle to their dens, spare bedrooms, kitchen tables, mom caves or backyard office pods at least once a week to perform what would otherwise be performed in a soulless office block miles away.

Similar to last week when I spotlighted printers and all-in-ones, today's post is about a related, necessary evil in home offices both large and small: the humble and unassuming wastebasket. Like kitchens and bathrooms, home offices are largely regarded as a trash can-friendly part of the home; in my opinion, a desk feels straight-out naked without one placed underneath or beside it.

For those of you in need of a new one, below you'll find a handful of beautiful bins made from various eco-friendly materials including a upcoming wastebasket from Areaware (spotted just this weekend at ICFF) that's ethically produced in the Philippines with sustainably sourced rattan and reclaimed plastic. And remember to keep in mind that even though wastebaskets are a home office staple and meant to be filled, try to keep the chucking action to a minimum by going paperless and recycling whenever possible. I don't think this group of classy cans would mind in the least.

Bow Bins by Cordula Kehrer @ Areaware ($36 - $48; 5 different styles available; ships 9/15/11)

Thrash Can @ Bean Products ($29)

Urbano Eco Can @ UncommonGoods ($20)

Chuck Wastepaper Basket - Botanical by studioCrank @ Chuck4Life ($11.99)

Pluggis Wastepaper Basket @ IKEA ($9.99 - $14.99; in-store only)

Garbino Can by Karim Rashid for Umbra @ The Container Store ($6.99)

Recycled Cotton Wastebasket @ Uncommon Goods ($20)

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Home is where the office is: Wastebaskets
Like a working stapler and a comfortable seat, most home offices are not without a wastebasket of some sort. Make sure that your bin — in addition to being us