I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The reason that many homeowners go solar isn’t the result of some kind of deep-seated environmental do-goodery. Rather, to cop a phrase from Sean Combs, it’s (mostly) all about the Benjamins. No doubt that a desire to help save the planet by investing in clean, renewable energy doesn’t hurt, but it’s certainly not a prerequisite. You just have to be a tightwad like everyone else.
To drive this message home, San Francisco-based solar leasing company SunRun recently released a trio of flat-out genius/hilarious commercials that gently mock the hardcore treehuggers amongst us while saying “you don’t have to be a bike-riding, soy flax seed-munching home pickler who loves baby dolphins to invest in solar. You just need to like saving money.” Or something like that.
I’ve embedded all three videos — they’re the work of ad agency Heat — below. My favorite, of course, is the “weird pickler guy" bit featuring an actor who reaches Justin Thoreaux-esque levels of beardy creepiness. And for more on SunRun, you can check out the company’s informative (read: not funny) video webinar series here and here (the second includes questions submitted by yours truly) in which founders Lynn Jurich and Ed Fenster aim to remove the sometimes mind-boggling mystique from solar leasing and financing. And, if so obliged, you can click here for plenty of baby dolphin goodness. 
Video screenshot: SunRunHomeSolar/YouTube

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Home solar: Not just for home picklers and baby dolphin lovers
In a new ad campaign, solar leasing company SunRun makes it clear that pleasing Gaia is great and all, but the main reason you should consider investing in resi