A very happy 2014, MNN readers!

In just a few short weeks, the Lunar New Year will officially begin (Jan. 31) and in preparation many Chinese Zodiac-minded decorators will start to phase out their serpent print throw pillows to make way for this year's celebrated astrological beast: the horse. 

While far more effortless than decorating with some of the other 12 Chinese zodiac signs like dragons and, umm, rats, introducing a tasteful equestrian theme into your home can still be somewhat tricky particularly for those who don't consider themselves as saddlery-obsessed "horse people." When casually decorating with horsey home goods, subtly and restraint is key as you probably don't want your living room to resemble the bedroom of a pony-fixated 12-year-old girl. Or maybe you do. I'm not here to judge.

Below, I've corraled 14 decidedly non-tack-y home decor picks geared toward horse sign-ers and those who love them (common personality traits of those born under the sign include intelligence, independence, and confidence). Most, but not all, of my picks are handmade or made from eco-friendly/reclaimed materials as 2014 is, after all, the Year of the Green Horse (this year's element is wood thus the tree/green associations). 

Misty and Stormy of Chincoteague Bookend by EQUINEbyLauren @ Etsy ($210)

Pair of Vintage Paint by Numbers Horse Portraits from BrothersVariety @ Etsy ($10)

Hand-printed Horse Tea Towels by Branch Handmade @ Supermarket ($12 - set of 2)

Horse Decanter and Glass Set @ A&G Merch ($79)

Small Horse Desk Caddy @ Peg and Awl ($42)

Seletti Horse Mug designed by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari @ MoMA Store ($20)

Zinc Rosette Ribbon @ Terrain ($24)

Cast Iron Horse Head Tray @ Are Naturals ($22.50)

Dovetail Horse by Karl Zahn @ Areaware ($10)

Thoroughbred Bath Mat by Thomas Paul @ Design Public ($40)

Horse Cushion @ Ferm Living ($69)

Horse Head Jar by imm Living @ Pure Home ($44) 

Dala Horse Trivet by Sagaform @ Huset ($18)

Jonathan Adler Ceramic Horse Tray @ Jonathan Adler ($138)

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