A very happy Monday, MNN readers, and welcome to the ninth installment of "The garden party," a product-centric weekly series geared toward all of you al fresco entertainers, patio partiers and backyard BBQ'ers out there. The emphasis, as you may have gathered, is on outdoor entertaining paraphernalia that boast one or more of the following eco-friendly attributes: a. handmade b. made from sustainable or recycled materials c. domestically manufactured or d. durable/made-to-last so that they’ll be used not just this summer but for many more summers to come. 

With the end of summer in (unfortunate) sight, you may hunting for a thoughtful way to thank the individual(s) who opened up their backyard to you for an epic session of day-drinking, lawn bowling, corn shucking, meat grilling, socializing, and whatnot. Or maybe you just invaded someone's upstate country house for an entire weekend and would like show your gratitude. Below, a dozen outdoor party-throwing host or hostess gifts that go beyond just contributing beer nn' chips and a box of wine. All are useful, unique, and will most likely get plenty of mileage during future summertime shindigs. 


Chicago Hot Dog Diagram Floursack Towel Set by Girlscantell @ Supermarket ($24)











Salsa Set of Bowls @ Region General Store ($48)















Sardine Bowls @ VivaTerra ($69/set of 5)













Fantastic Unplastic Tray by Lindsay Mannix @ MoMA Store ($25)













Mimosa Mason Jar Candle by Good Candle Brooklyn @ Steven Alan ($30)















Stronghold Herringbone Apron @ Kauffmann Mercantile ($125)














Ceramic Fruit Basket @ The Curiosity Shop ($22)















Cow Bell @ Terrain ($34)
















Friends Cork Trivet Set @ The Future Perfect ($53)















Whisky Rocks @ Brook Farm General Store ($29/set of 6)















Organic Poultry Rub @ St. Helena Olive Oil Co. ($8)















Charley Harper Sunset Glasses Gift Box @ Fishs Eddy ($33/set of 6)















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Host and hostess gifts: The garden party
Because you should probably extend your gratitude to the kind soul who allowed you to commandeer their grill, break a couple of glasses and pass out on their la