Whether you consider yourself to have a pair of truly green greenthumbs or if you're just starting to implement eco-practices around your garden, it never hurts to see test your climate-friendly gardening knowledge with a good ol' fashioned pop quiz. 

California-based nonprofit Roots of Change recently released an excellent one, The Climate-Friendly Gardener Quiz, to accompany "The Climate-Friendly Gardener: A Guide to Combating Global Warming from the Ground Up," an in-depth article from the Union of Concerned Scientists. The point of the article (and the quiz) is to show that environmentally sound gardening is much more than just growing your own food without the use of agricultural chemicals, it's also about incorporating techniques that help your garden store/minimize global warming gases. 

Take a few minutes to take the quiz — it's a nine-parter covering topics like composting and cover crops — and check back here and let me know how you fared in the comments section. Any of the questions throw you for a loop? Any climate-friendly gardening tips you'd like to share?

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Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

How green does your garden grow?
Fancy yourself a climate-friendly gardener? See how green your garden <i>really</i> is with a 9-part quiz from Roots of Change.