I’m all about “Beautiful, Sustainable, Affordable” products for the home which is why I’m such a big booster of MIO, Jaime and Isaac Salm’s Philadelphia-based design firm where recent output has included an exclusive garden line for Target and the super sweet LED Trask Lamp.
At this year's ICFF it was evident that the brothers Salm have been thinking beyond the constraints of home furnishings and accessories with MIO's new “Design on the Go” collection that includes Bubble Dot wool felt laptop sleeves, nifty, customizable felt hats, and Tyvek Loop Cut raincoats with prepaid envelopes sewn into the lining for easy, breezy recycling.
My favorite of the lot? The Pop Up series of flat-packed powder coated steel bike baskets and multipurpose household baskets. Check out the below video where Jaime Salm shows Fast Company how the Pop Up baskets are assembled. I’ll take one in white, please! 
Via [Fast Company],  [NOTCOT]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

ICFF 2010: MIO
Sustainable design firm MIO branches out into eco-fashion and bike accessories with the 'Design on the Go' collection, unveiled at ICFF 2010.