If you’re into alfresco imbibing, you probably spend a fair amount of time during the summer months frequenting local beer gardens. I’m not a beer guy myself but the last time I walked by the seasonal spot to drink outdoors in my neck of the woods, The Gowanus Yacht Club, it was packed to the gills.

If you — or something that you know (i.e. your Dad) — would rather avoid unruly crowds (and the cost) and drink in the comfort of your own back garden, here’s a very appropriate item: The Grow Your Own Beer Garden kit. I can’t think of a better Father’s Day gift idea than this bad boy, a seed planting system — it includes the holy trifecta of barley, hops, and wheat — that’s ideal for greenthumbed dads who like to kick back, relax, and enjoy a glass or two of homemade eco-brew during the summer months. 


The Grow Your Own Beer kit doesn’t come with the tools needed to actually brew your own beer at home — just the seeds, a sprouting/growing dome, and a few other gardening items — but it helps makes an homebrew venture even more low-impact and localized, not to mention delicious.

The kit is available for purchase over at ThinkGeek for $25. If you have a taste for the grain but the BYO (brew-your-own) thing isn't for you, check out MNN's well-stocked beer section to learn more about how you can drink the good stuff  in an eco-responsible manner without having to invest in wort chillers, conical fermenters, and barley grow domes. Bottoms up.

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