Between the LIFX and the Visualight, it’s been a hell of a year for crowdfunded LED bulbs of the smart variety (and non-crowd-funded smart LEDs, too).


The latest programmable LED to join the fray is the iLumi, a series of four Bluetooth-enabled bulbs from Dallas-based tech startup iLumi Solutions. Touted as the “world’s most intelligent light bulbs,” iLumi bulbs offer more of the same — energy savings, a slew of automation features controlled via a smartphone or tablet app, color customization, etc. — while harnessing the company’s patented Hyperlux LED technology that offers best-in-class efficiency and color. And on the topic of color, the bulbs, available in both full or white spectrums, can “synchronize to music, mimic an underwater world of rolling blue waves, or create amazing effects like light strobes, fire or flickering candlelight, and more.” 


iLumi bulbs also stand apart from the aforementioned smart LEDs as, in lieu of standard WiFi-capability, each fully dimmable bulb is embedded with dual-mode Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0) technology. According to the folks at iLumi, the advantages of Bluetooth over WiFi are numerous: Easy breezy set-up with no routers, wires, or master/slave dependencies. Bluetooth is also more secure and more energy-efficient than WiFi. Other distinct features include a 16bit, 256KB FLASH processor and a real-time battery-powered clock with memory.

iLumi bulbs are compatible with E26/E27 type sockets and come in both small (650 lumens at 8W) and large (1100 lumens at 15W). Both sizes are available in full or white spectrums. The large bulbs, meant to replace 100W incandescent bulbs, are best used in recessed, can, or track lighting. The smaller, 60W incandescent-replacing bulbs are geared for lamps, fixtures, and the like.


The free iLumi app will be compatible with all Android phones and tablets, the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, the iPad mini, and the iPad 3.


iLumi founders Corey Egan and Swapnil Bora are currently seeking funding via Indiegogo with the goal to raise $100,00 by Jan. 3. The funds will be used to finalize the bulbs and apps, order the required parts, and move on to the full manufacturing stage now that the two-year design and development period has wrapped up and the prototypes have been created.


And, naturally, there are numerous perks involved with helping Egan and Bora reach their goal. Backers can choose from three different tiers — beta tester delivery tier (March 2013), early adopter delivery tier (April 2013), and the fast follower delivery tier (May 2013) — while also choosing however many of the four iLumi bulbs that they’d like to receive. The small white spectrum iLumi cost $59, the small full spectrum iLumi is $69, the large white spectrum iLumi is $79, and the large full spectrum iLumi sells for $89. Backers can feel free to mix and match bulbs and delivery tiers. 


Lots and lots more info over at the iLumi Indiegogo campaign page including a FAQ section and deets on the young, award-winning, team behind the technology. I’m thinking that like the tabletop aquaponics gardening system from Back to Roots that food blooger Robin featured the other week, an iLumi bulb — or two or three — would make for an excellent IOU holiday gift.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

iLumi: Bluetooth-enabled bulb seeks bank
Firm in the belief that light should help you <i>live</i> in addition to see, two young eco-entrepreneurs have created a family of super-brainy, Bluetooth-enabl