Now that Panasonic has not-too-threatening LED bulbs in the bag, the Japanese electronics behemoth has its sights firmly set on the tech-savvy and energy-conscious (and also possibly lazy) set with the unveiling of a new Android app that will enable users to remotely operate compatible household appliances, program settings, and view energy savings from their smartphones.


On that note, Panasonic will also be releasing a new suite of smarty-pants home appliances to compliment the cloud-based Android app — dubbed, most appropriately, Panasonic Smart App — including X series air conditioners, refrigerators, washer-dryer combos, and health care products such as a blood pressure monitor, a body composition monitor, and calorie meter. Two small appliances released earlier this summer, a rice cooker and a steam microwave oven, will also work with the free app.

Reads the official press release:


Panasonic's smart solutions are designed to make the user's everyday life more comfortable, convenient and energy efficient. Via the Panasonic Smart App, for example, users can control their air conditioners remotely from outside the home, check if the refrigerator is running efficiently, or set their preferred washing cycle using their smartphone. The new app also allows owners of the Panasonic healthcare products to create graphs tracking their weight and calories consumed by everyday activities among other things, making it easier to manage daily healthcare data. Furthermore, customer support such as checking device malfunctions will also be available.

The Android app and appliances will be available in Japan starting in late September. There’s no word on when they’ll reach American shores or if the company also plans to also release a loyal robot maid capable of bringing you a can of beer from the fridge or switching your laundry from the washer to dryer while you’re sprawled out on the couch watching "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." Small steps folks, small steps.


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In advance of domestic robots, Panasonic releases Android-controlled appliances
Panasonic announces the launch of Panasonic Smart App, a new Android app enabling users to remotely operate compatible home appliances such as air conditioners