I’ve been digging the series of infographics from Groupon-esque consumer advocate/solar group purchasing company One Block Off the Grid for the past few months now; for me, it all started back in January with the fantastic “How Big a Backyard Would You Need To Live Off the Land” infographic which, once again, prompted a healthy round of agrarian daydreaming for this urbanite.
One Block Off the Grid's latest infographic is also a most timely one given that many homeowners and renters, myself included, are just now confronting one of the more unpleasant end-of-summer experiences: having to pay off ungodly electric bills stemming from three plus months of running the air conditioner(s).
The 1BOG inforgraphic “Cool House, Fat Wallet: How to Run the A/C Full-Blast Without Paying For It” takes a look at air conditioning habits across the country while also answering the forever-pressing question of how to stay comfortable at home while not having to dip into Junior's college fund or suffer in other ways. The answer, obviously (this is a 1BOG inforgraphic after all), is investing in solar power, preferably with your community to take advantage of a generous group discount. 
Take a gander at the below 1BOG infographic — it's nothing mind-blowing but solid information presented in an easy-to-digest manner. And if you aren't familiar with 1BOG already, take a quick look around the company's website to find out more about how group solar purchasing works. Are you solar curious? Right now, 1BOG is running the special, limited-time One Nation Off the Grid program so check out the US Solar Markets Map to find an active group solar discount near you. 
Those of you AC-lovers with home solar systems out there: What kind of difference, specifically in your pocketbook, have you noticed during the summer? Have the savings been as drastic as the below infographic would lead you to believe? And those of you AC-lovers without home solar: care to share any tricks/tidbits on how to keep bills low while also staying comfortable? 

Home Solar Power Discounts - One Block Off the Grid

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Infographic: Cool house, fat wallet
For their latest infographic, solar group purchasing company One Block Off the Grid tackles a topic on the mind of many homeowners and renters right now: air co