Today, just like must other days, I’ve taken a shower (not the shortest one to be honest), washed my hands once, brushed my teeth, flushed the toilet three times (as I have a roommate, letting the yellow mellow might be considered a touch transgressive), and filled up my stovetop kettle. That said, I’ve consumed an estimated 50 gallons of water already and it’s just slightly after noon.

Well, today just happens to be World Water Day and while the theme this year is Water and Food Security (last year it was Water for Cities) it doesn’t mean that I’m not just a little extra conscious of my non-food related water footprint. 
For those of you who also have agua on the brain today, scroll down to check out a nifty water-related infographic courtesy Whole Living — the magazine has dedicated the entire April issue (normally the magazine’s “green” issue but this year it's "blue") to water conservation and awareness. It’s also worth heading over to the Whole Living website to check out a comprehensive list of ways you can save water at home and in the garden. There’s plenty of "well, duh" water-saving basics that you might already be well aware of like taking shorter showers and consolidating laundry loads, but there's also some tips and tidbits that you may not have considered before such as saving pasta water, choosing perennials over annuals in the garden, and reducing junk mail. If anything, the 50-item list serves as an excellent refresher.
Without further ado, here’s Whole Living’s Test Your Water IQ infographic. Following that, I’ve rounded up a handful of water conservation-related posts from this past year for your revisiting pleasure. How are you observing World Water Day? Me? Given that it's near 80 degrees here in Brooklyn today, I'm thinking about filling up my reusable water bottle (wish I had one of these bad boys), slipping into a pair of water-wise Levis, and planting myself in a local waterfront park under a nice shady tree.
Infographic courtesy Whole Living

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Infographic: Water on the brain
If you aren't already too busy swapping out showerheads or planning this evening's meatless dinner menu, take a moment this World Water Day to test your H2O IQ