Back in August, I first reported on presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s eye-roller of a renovation/expansion project in the upscale San Diego enclave of La Jolla which involves the tearing down of a perfectly lovely looking existing 3,009-square-foot beachfront retreat (built in 1936 but not considered historic so no fighting with the Historic Resources Board required) and erecting a 11,062-square-foot mega-mansion in its place. Many readers chimed in with their thoughts on the project, with reactions ranging from "flaunt your wealth much?" to “good for him!” to “who cares?” Lots of folks also had choice words for me — mostly of the “moronic” variety — for my “biased” reporting on the project and for the fact that I made no mention of Al Gore’s elephantine California estate in that post. Yes, I'm very well-aware that the savior of our planet owns a very large home. The reason I didn’t mention it? Simple — he’s not running for president.

Over the past couple of months, more details about the Romney project have emerged including, most notably, that it will include a split-level four-car garage with an elevator and a basement that’s almost double the size of the average American home. The project even comes equipped with its own lobbyist, a San Diego attorney named Matthew A. Peterson, who was hired to help ensure that the home is approved. And to be clear, the super-complex project still has plenty of hurdles to clear before construction begins. In other words, villa Romney won't be built anytime soon.

So how big will the new chez Romney actually be if and when completed? Scroll down to find out for a fun/depressing look at how many times your home could fit inside of Romney’s.

Mit Romney Infographic

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Top image: Google Maps

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Infographic: Your home, Romneyized
In an effort to further extend his plebeian cred, Mitt Romney moves ahead with plans to upsize his California mansion-by-the-sea by 8,000 square feet. Care to t