Well, I’ll be damned. It looks like domestic doyenne, green home approval stamper, landscaping dispute trailer blazer, and my Earth Day 2010 buddy Martha Stewart is getting her very own comic book — well, not quite. Stewart won’t be given a superhero cape (hand-knit from wool naturally dyed with organic plants), an evil arch nemesis (Donald Trump), or super powers (the ability to poach an egg with her eyes closed) but will be the subject of a new, 32-page "comic biography" called “Female Force: Martha Stewart.”

According to a press release from Bluewater Productions, the Stewart comic will “explore all sides of this controversial woman, from her positive contribution to her fans' lives and society at large to the detractors who argue against her attempt to use her influence and power for selfish, unethical ends, to the point of eventually being convicted of insider trading, through it all, she has remained true to herself, her ambition and her vision through both the highest highs and lowest lows.” Adds publisher Darren G. Davis: "Our goal is to show the behind-the scenes machinations — many of them ignored by the mainstream media — that resulted in Martha Stewart becoming the phenomenon she is. "

Heavens ... sounds like Archie meets an E! True Hollywood Story. Martha is in some interesting company as Female Force is actually a monthly comic book series that tells the stories of various powerful, courageous and respected women who “are shaping modern history and culture.”

Past subjects have included the big-mouthed (Kathy Griffin, Sarah Palin, Laura Ingraham), the beloved (Princess Diana, Michelle Obama, Betty White), the vampiric (Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris, Stephenie Meyer), the “View”-able (Meredith Veira, Barbara Walters, Rosie O’ Donnell), and the pinup-worthy (Angelina Jolie, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Margaret Thatcher). Oddly, as far as I can tell, Coco Austin has not yet been included in the Female Force series but whatever, I’d much rather read about the formative years of Ayn Rand or Olivia Newton John.

Says CW Cooke, the writer behind the Stewart installment of Female Force:

I am writing Martha Stewart as both icon and from a perspective of someone who might see her as callous, calculating and scheming. I did not admire her at first and throughout the process of research have come to admire and be utterly fascinated by what is a tale that most have not reported on. It's a fascinating story. Martha is the American Dream. She's a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and a name that everyone knows. She's been a model and a small business owner. She's been to jail and she's come out unscathed. She sounds like a superhero, but really, Martha is an amazing human being, and I hope readers love learning about her as much as I did.
In addition to the Female Force series, other Vancouver, Wash.-based Bluewater Productions titles include “Leprechaun” (based on the 1993 Jennifer Aniston movie), “Flying Saucers vs. the Earth,” and “Infamous: Charlie Sheen.”

“Female Force: Martha Stewart” will be released in July (although Amazon.com lists Aug. 2) and sell for $3.99. Now that Bluewater Productions has cooking/cleaning/crafting/white collar crimes covered — I, for one, would like to see a Sandra Lee paper doll book — are there any female environmentalists out there that you think would make comic book heroines? 

Image: Bluewater Productions

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

It's a bird, it's a plane -- it's Martha Stewart!
Joining the ranks of Ayn Rand, Angelina Jolie and other notable women, Martha Stewart gets her very own 'Female Force' comic book biography from Bluewater Produ