Every bead-clad party prince or princess needs a comfortable throne in which to briefly rule from when things in the kingdom get, umm, urgent, right?


And this is why New Orleans now has a private toilet-for-hire app geared specifically for Mardi Gras revelers with bladders at full capacity.

As its name would suggest, AirPnP is essentially the AirBnB of emergency bathroom rentals — a civilized alternative to waiting on endless lines at French Quarter bars, enduring the holy terror of Porta Potties, or taking a huge risk (more on that in a bit) by ducking into an alleyway to find sweet relief when nature, abruptly, wants to laissez les bons temps rouler. Or, you could just hold it in for as long as possible and take care of business once you get back to your home or hotel room but, really, that seems just seems like act of masochism during a celebration that’s all about letting go.

The AirPnP app itself is barebones, efficient. If you’re looking for a toilet to borrow for a spell, simply scroll over the map and pick a spot — you’ll find a mix of private homes, hotels, bars, and other urination-centric start-ups clustered along the main parade route with lavatories that can be used for a nominal rental fee.

There’s some pretty tempting options including the Pontchartrain Hotel with its “marble floors and spotless toilets” and a flat $20 unlimited usage fee. “Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Frank Sinatra, and Walt Disney have all peed here," boasts the listing.

Over on Saint Peter St., a “Funky French Quarter flusher” is charging $5 for a number one and $10 for a number two (honors system, I guess?) But be aware, once you enter this art-filled retreat, your host's kitty might say hello by “sticking his paw under the door.” A little more off the beaten track on Laurel St., one AirPnP establishment is throwing in a “free beer with every pee.” Toilet paper, hand soap, and a “large mirror for checking yourself out” are also graciously provided. No price is listed although $5 a visit seems to be the standard going rate.

Like with AirBnb, AirPnP users can rate their experience with each listing, either recommending the john in question or warning other users to stay far away. In terms of payment, you can settle up in advance through the app itself although, as noted by PC Magazine, cash transactions are generally preferred. For “entrepeeneurs” looking to make a pile of cash by offering up their commodes during the duration of Mardi Gras, they can simply add their bathroom via the app’s Facebook page. “Epic photos,” price, location, and a brief description are all very much appreciated.

AirPnP’s co-founder and developer Max Gaudin lays out the concept to local Fox affiliate WVUE: “Say I'm on St. Charles and Second, and you might live nearby there. Basically, they pay through the app, go to your house, use the bathroom and then rate their pee experience so that other people can see how legit your bathroom is."

Gaudin and co-founder Travis Laurendine, both native New Orleans residents, launched AirPnP not just to make visiting a man about a horse during Carnival season more convenient for Hurricane-bloated revelers — they also hope that this potty-centric addition to the sharing economy will cut back on instances of so-called “rogue pees.” Despite the anything-goes atmosphere of the famously frenetic celebration, a public tinkle can land you in the clinker for a night or two. A misdemeanor count for lewd conduct is also possible if you’re caught by police taking an al fresco piddle. “What we're doing is we're taking all those people off the streets and into bathrooms where they should be, so this is a win-win situation for everyone," explains Gaudin.

As of late last week, over 1,200 people had signed up for the app prior to official launch.

Would you rent out your bathroom, not necessarily for Mardi Gras but during any type of large-scale event in which thousands upon thousands of people, many in need of a quick visit to the powder room, have descended on your neighborhood?

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Just in time for Mardi Gras: A toilet sharing app for full-bladdered revelers
Because excessive day drinking can inevitably lead to harrowing bathroom emergencies, a bathroom sharing app cheekily called AirPnP launches in New Orleans.