Life for So-Cal devotees of No-Cal’s cherished ceramic design firm, Heath Ceramics, just got a whole lot easier: the company, famed for its ceramic tiles and dinnerware, has opened a showroom in Los Angeles.

Sausalito-based Heath Ceramics was founded by Edith Heath in the 1940s. The company has since earned a following for its ceramic goods that emphasize craftsmanship, functionality, and longevity over glitz, glamour, and disposability. Despite branching out with a new outpost, Heath’s chief green credo revolves around the fact that its products are made in a local, small-scale (read: responsible) fashion that follows stringent environmental protocol and respects workers rights. With its folksy, holistic stance on manufacturing and business operations, Heath likens itself to the “farmers market” option when it comes to dinnerware and tiles. What’s more, Heath’s clay bodies require just one low-temperature firing instead of the normal two, saving precious energy and resources.

Although Heath’s LA outpost -- the only outside of the Sausalito store/factory -- does not offer tiles, the company’s signature ceramic dinnerware is in ready supply along with additional offerings like tables made from recycled kiln shelves.

Heath Ceramics

7525 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles


Via [The LA Times]

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