As if having to wade through a crunchy, funky-smelling layer of cicada corpses every time you step outside wasn’t bad enough, now many of us have to worry about pesky — and potentially dangerous — guests rudely showing up uninvited at our backyard BBQs. You know ... guests that bite, buzz and most certainly didn’t bring any beer to share.

While the severity of this year’s mosquito season depends on where you live — it appears that Florida is in for a real treat this summer — it’s inevitable that most of us will encounter the whining, disease-ridden monsters at some point. And with that, the quest to avoid and repel them commences.

In terms of eradicating mosquitoes, perhaps the most effective method is to befriend a colony of bats. That method is obviously not for everyone. But neither is resorting to toxic chemicals, energy-sucking insect zappers and unfashionable headgear.

And so, here’s a look at a rather tasteful, chem-free skeeter-killing machine that doubles as a solar-powered outdoor accent lamp. Fancy!

Mosquito GenieDubbed Mosquito Genie and marketed as “the world’s first table-lamp that replaces candle lights and kills mosquitoes,” the device uses a proprietary mix of “all natural organic” ingredients concocted by MoMA-recognized industrial designer/inventor Thomas Fleming to murder female mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Genie is also trap-free and requires no insect corpse clean-up since, unlike traditional zappers, the insects fly away and die elsewhere — one would hope in a neat little pile in a far corner of the yard — after they come in contact with the lethal (but pet- and human-safe) vapor emitted from the “Mosquito Mix”-filled jar placed within the lamp.

And, of course, the cord-free LED lamp itself charges during the day and automatically switches on at dusk, luring insects to their demise while also providing delightful al fresco mood lighting for backyards, porches and the like. After an active evening of ‘quito-cide, the Mosquito Genie switches itself back off at dawn and returns to solar charging mode.

Perhaps most importantly, the vapors emitted by the odor-free and totally silent — remember, no zapping — device only targets mosquitoes, gnats and no-see-ums. The company promises that ladybugs and other beneficial insects can safely go about businesses as usual.

As for that special Mosquito Mix? It’s geared to last three months before users will need to replace it with a new jar. The company also claims that the food-grade ingredients are “so safe you can spread them on bread after the mosquitoes are dead. “ Sounds scrumptious, but no thanks.

A visible reduction in the horde of mosquitoes that have been relentlessly tormenting you should be visible within three weeks to a month after setting out a single Mosquito Genie or multiple devices.

Good stuff — I'm certainly intrigued although what I could really go for is a Mosquito Genie headlamp. Or maybe not. 

Available directly through the Mosquito Genie website, a single Mosquito Genie will set you back $39.95 while the refill jars go for $9.95 a pop (the price drops if you go for a two-, four-, or 8-pack). The devices themselves can also be purchased in bulk at a discounted price.

Anyone had the chance to try a Mosquito Genie out yet?

Via [EarthTechling]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Lamp murders mosquitoes while casting romantic, solar-powered glow
Ever find yourself wishing for a tasteful and nontoxic insect-killing device? Well, it looks like your wish has been granted with the Mosquito Genie.