Here’s a tempting offer that you don't hear everyday: Rip out that immaculately manicured patch of grass and we’ll fork over the cash.

That’s exactly what the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is offering through the Landscape Incentive Program, a rebate-based lawn-replacement scheme in which the utility rewards both residential and commercial customers for permanently bidding adieu to the lush swaths of turf grass that have come to define many L.A. neighborhoods.

While easy on the eyes, this type of landscaping is obviously both water-intensive. The Landscape Incentive Program encourages home and business owners to sub in climate-appropriate “California Friendly” landscapes — mulch, gravel, vines, succulents, trees, native shrubs, and other less high-maintenance and water-hungry forms of vegetation — for traditional turf lawns.

And about that cash …

The LADWP’s Landscape Incentive Program is actually entering its fourth summer in operation. When it kicked off in 2009, the utility offered $1 per square foot of residential turf removed. After bumping the rate up to $1.50 last year, the offer now stands at a whopping $2 for every foot of residential turf removed (commercial customers receive $1 per square foot). That’s a whole lot of cash if you’ve got a big patch of grass you plan on yanking out. However, I should point out that a rebate of $4,000 is the max homeowners can receive. A pre-approval application process is mandatory in order to participate.

According to Southern California Public Radio, about 850 L.A. homeowners and commercial property owners have already participated in the rebate scheme since it started, replacing 1.5 million square feet of grass in the process.

Any L.A. residents who haven’t participated in the Landscape Incentive Program in past years thinking about doing it this summer? Do you live in a city — Las Vegas, San Diego, Napa, Mesa, and the list goes on — that offers a similar lawn-replacement rebate program or other incentives for investing in water-saving irrigation tools?

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Lawn-eschewing L.A. homeowners earn big bucks through rebate program
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