Was the nogg, an egg-shaped backyard chicken coop, a touch too sci-fi chic for your tastes? Would a modern henhouse that appears to have come straight from the pages of Dwell magazine be more your speed?

Well, looky here … Dwell recently featured such a project that's made quite the splash around the green design blogosphere. Built by erstwhile Brooklynite architects Mitchell Snyder and Shelley Martin in the backyard of their new digs — a craftsman bungalow in Portland, Oregon — this tastefully designed coop is an insulated four-foot cube framed with two-by-fours and finished with reclaimed cedar siding. Two upper windows provide ventilation for the coops very clucky residents —Da’ Frizzle Fo’ Shizzle, Barred Rock Obama, and a third unnamed hen — while the roof of the structure is topped with native sedum plants.

Snyder and Martin view the coop as an “extension” of their garden. It makes sense, I guess, since after moving from Brooklyn to Portland the couple embraced the newfound novelty of having a garden and went to town planting all sorts of crops. Naturally, the next logical thing for a couple of  garden-neglected ex-New Yorkers to do in their new Portland backyard was to bring in three hens.
Snyder designed the coop using Google SketchUp. He says of designing a home for chickens (his first project after launching his Portland-based architecture-firm):
They have the same considerations of comfort and protection from the elements. Each one has a certain square-footage requirement. The coop has to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There needs to be ventilation.
Head on over to Dwell to read more about and see more photos of this beautiful modern henhouse. What do you think of the project and of backyard chicken-keeping in general? As noted in a previous post, keeping chickens as pets/food sources has become somewhat of an “it” thing for self-sufficient suburbanites with The San Francisco Chronicle notes that Yahoo searches on “chicken coops” are up 100 percent. 

Via [Dwell]

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Le coop du jour
For his first project, Portland architect Mitchell Snyder builds a modern home for clients named Da’ Frizzle Fo’ Shizzle and Barred Rock Obama. Their preferred