One of the things that amazes me most about the ordinary incandescent light bulb is that in addition to its superb ability to drive up household electric bills (when compared to more efficient CFLs and LEDs), is how much heat one actually gives off. I mean, seriously, you can bake a tray of moist and delicious brownies with a single 100-watter!

To further demonstrate that a whopping 90 percent of the energy emitted by a standard incandescent light bulb is heat and not light, the folks at Cree are sacrificing a poor, unsuspecting chocolate Easter bunny.

Yep, that’s right. The North Carolina-based, SXSW party-hosting manufacturer of energy-efficient light bulbs is trying to convince ordinary citizens to jump on the LED train — and, in turn, become "lighting revolutionaries" — through the cruel and unusual destruction of a chocolate Easter bunny. Back in January, on the 131st birthday of the incandescent light bulb, Cree asked Thomas Edison himself to kindly step aside to make way for the company’s latest innovation in LED lighting: the TrueWhite Light, the first "no-compromise" LED replacement for the standard 60-watt incandescent bulb. First, Cree bosses around a dead inventor and now they start martyring Easter bunnies! What nerve!

And what great nerve it is, too. For Cree’s second-annual Easter-time “meltdown,” blogger Ginny Skalski placed two blinged-out bunnies known as “Dudes” directly under two different light bulbs — one a 65-watt incandescent and the other 10.5 Cree LED downlight — and let nature take its course as a flock of Peeps sit and watch in horror. As you can imagine, the Dude placed under the incandescent bulb doesn’t fare too well compared to his compadre. Young children upset by confectionary carnage and a certain congresswoman from Minnesota should avert their eyes. 

In addition to destroying helpless chocolate Easter bunnies and recruiting Lighting Revolutionaries, Cree is also hosting an amusing photo contest. It’s called Cries for Help and it's basically an open invitation for the public to share cringe-inducing photos of dreary, oppressive lighting conditions. Each month, Cree picks one submitted photo as the “Best Example of Bad Lighting" and the person who submitted the winning photo walks away with five Cree CR6 downlights worth a total of $350 (read the complete contest rules here).

I’d submit my very own bathroom (I love you CFL but why do you take 10 minutes to warm up?) but it's camera shy. 

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Screengrab: Cree

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LED vs. incandescent: An Easter-time 'meltdown'
To demonstrate the heat-emitting, energy-wasting ways of incandescent light bulbs, LED manufacturer Cree puts two blinged-out chocolate Easter bunnies to the te